Why Is Digital Printing Better Than Offset Printing?

 Why digital printing is better than offset printing

Are you confused about what type of printing suits your needs? Is digital printing better than offset printing for your needs? Let’s compare the two in the following article.

Digital printing is relatively new when compared to offset printing. As such, since its inception, it can only get better over the course of time, unlike offset printing which has more or less reached maturity. 

This bodes very well for the future of digital printing. However, even today, digital printing is proving to be better than offset printing in various ways including:

  • Digital printing offers a straightforward printing method.
  • It also offers a much faster turn-around.
  • Digital printing is more economical for short-run printing.
  • It allows people to change the contents of the print in the middle of the print cycle.
  • There is a diminished risk of print variations caused by ink.

Digital Printing Is Straight Forward

Offset printing is a printing procedure that typically involves the development of proofs, plates, rubber beds, and many other tools. As you can appreciate, undertaking all these steps takes a lot of time. 

Moreover, for high-quality output, the process of going through these steps must be very accurate and carefully done. Only experienced professionals are capable of undertaking offset printing and producing the best quality work. 

Digital printing is a more straight forward printing method. You just have to set the print up with computer-controlled software and press the print button.

Digital Printing Has A Much Faster Print Turn Around

As you don’t have to develop plates and all the other associated tools, you end up with much faster turnaround times. 

The process of developing the metal plates used in offset printing, in itself, is a daunting and time-consuming task that takes a lot of time. 

As such, by just doing away with plate development, you cut down on the time it takes to start printing. With digital printing, you just need to upload the print file on to computer software and print.

Digital Printing Is Very Economical, Especially For Short Run Print Runs

The economic benefit of using digital printing as opposed to offset printing also boils down to the taxing process of developing printing proofs, plate, and rubber beds for the printing process. 

These steps are expensive to undertake and, therefore, necessitate a very large print volume to break even. 

Digital printing does not involve these very expensive steps because all you have to do is to upload the printing file to a computer printing program and print. 

This makes for a very cost-effective printing experience, especially in short-run printing.

You Can Change Content Details In The Middle Of The Printing Cycle

Many printing projects involve variable data. In such cases, there are plenty of nuances in the content that need to be incorporated into the printing process. 

It is very difficult to capture these nuances in the printing process with offset printing. 

Given that the printing process involves developing the printing plate that has all the information necessary for the final print, changing the details of the content can be very difficult as it involves processing a new plate.

With digital printing, the details of the print are captured in and controlled by software. Therefore, making any changes in the print requires one to simply modify the content of the document in the digital file. 

It does not involve developing a new plate.

There Are Diminished Risk Of Print Variations During The Printing Process

Offset printing has been plagued by print errors that are induced by ink and water imbalances. Offset printing is a wet-printing technology – it uses liquid ink in the printing process. 

As such, the slightest of changes in the ink-water balance can alter the results of the final print, thereby inducing variations in the printed copies.

Within digital printing, colours are reproduced accurately, ensuring that every print copy is exactly the same. Are you looking for a top-quality digital printing service? Then look no further than Impact Digital.

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