Why Your Company Should Use Business Cards

Why Your Company Should Use Business Cards

Do you remember back when social media platforms and smartphones were unheard of? 

If you do, then you will recall that back then, the only way to exchange information with like-minded people or potential clients was at networking events. 

During those days, business cards were a must-have

After all, they not only help people remember your company, but it was also an excellent way to show off your brand’s style – from calligraphy fonts to the colour scheme. 

However, that was back then; today, there are things like LinkedIn and many other ways to exchange business information. 

As a result, people in the business world are left wondering: Are business cards still relevant? If so, when and where do companies use them? 

Why You Should Consider Business Cards For Your Firm

There are countless digital alternatives for printed business cards

For this reason, some might argue that you should get rid of your business cards and pave the way for technology. 

However, while technology has opened up new channels, the print industry is still alive, and you can still leverage numerous benefits from business cards. 

Here are a few reasons why your company should be using business cards:

  • Personalised exchange of information
  • Credibility
  • Convenience
  • Creates Intrigue
  • Advertising
  • Shows professionalism

Almost everything done in a firm today is digital – online business reputation, digital marketing, sending emails and even networking. 

However, digitally printed business cards still matter. 

Personal Exchange Of Information

Consider this scenario: You attend a networking conference, and two weeks or so later you receive a random unsolicited email from the manager of another company who you haven’t met. 

Now let’s consider a scenario where this time, after a pleasant conversation, the manager hands you their business card at the conference. 

Out of these two situations, which one is more likely to leave a better impression? 

When you network, the goal is to make genuine connections with people who you feel can help your company grow, or vice versa. 

Sending out contact information via email might be convenient, but it’s fairly impersonal, especially if it’s unsolicited.

Business cards are handed over after an actual conversation hence, are an excellent way to start a relationship with other people

Business Cards Create Credibility

When you carry business cards, you’re literally taking your company’s credibility with you. 

Today, online security has become a growing concern with regular news about companies being hacked. 

As a result, people are always on their guard when it comes to sharing their contact information online.

So you can expect to have a tough time exchanging company contact information online.

However, a business card is hack proof; it’s as safe as they come. It represents honesty and reliability of your brand. 

When you give out your business card to clients, you’re telling them that they can trust your brand. Business cards help people develop confidence in your company. 

Companies Use Business Cards To Creates Intrigue

When you meet people today, chances are they will reach for their smartphones to exchange contact information. 

If you want your firm to rise above the competition and stay there, you need to impress potential clients and prospective business partners. 

What better way to catch the attention of a great prospect than through a memorable business card? 

When you connect with others using your business card, you’re more likely to leave a more significant impression. 

After all, business cards today are a rare find – and nothing leaves an impact more than being unique. 

Business cards tell people that your firm is always prepared, professional and that you are sticklers for what really matters. 

Business cards are not dead; so make sure your company makes use of their potential.   

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