What are the Advantages of Digital Printing?

What are Advantages Digital PrintingPrinting technologies have evolved over the years, and some have been phased out by newer technologies that have promoted efficient printing. Do you some of these modern printing methods?

Well, digital printing is one of them and has replaced methods such as offset printing for its many benefits. But what exactly is digital printing?

Digital printing involves the printing of digital-based images directly onto the various media substrates.

This printing technology, therefore, enables digital images, PDF files, and even desktop publishing files to be sent to digital printing presses to print on standard paper, photo paper, fabric, canvas, ceramic, cardstocks, synthetics, and other printing substrates.

What makes digital printing better printing technology than other traditional methods? Here are some of its advantages that accrue to its users:

  • Personalisation and Variable Data Printing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Print-on-demand
  • Value for Small-volume production
  • Simplicity
  • Quality of printed materials
  • Versatility

1. Personalisation and Variable Data Printing

Digital printing has seen the execution of variable data printing and personalisation of text or graphics on a print-by-print basis. Every impression on the printed material can easily be different.

This makes digital printing ideal for printing advertising materials and direct mail campaigns as well. As such, most businesses are leveraging the power of digital printing for their advertising and campaigns.

2. Fast Turnaround Time

Digital printing also offers fast printing speeds, which is especially important if you need some printed materials turned around real fast.

Unlike the old printing technologies such as offset printing, digital printing doesn’t involve the preparation of printing plates.

Digital printing, therefore, involves minimal setup time, and the printing process can commence almost instantaneously. This comes in handy especially when printed materials are required within a short time.

3. Print-on-demand

Digital printing has also come in handy for low-risk businesses that engage in custom printing of items. Such items include custom books, t-shirts, caps, backpacks, ceramic items, and so on.

With digital printing, it has become easy to produce printed items on demand.

As such, digital printing has created a business opening for entrepreneurs who see a gap in providing print-on-demand services while bypassing time factors and the risks involved.

4. Value for Small-Volume Production

Digital printing involves fewer costs overall, making it ideal for printing even small volumes. This type of printing technology involves minimal setup costs, which makes it inexpensive to produce small-volume prints.

Unlike the old analogue printing methods which needs lots of setup time, digital printing requires less setup time, making small and medium print runs cost-effective.

5. Simplicity

Digital printing eliminates the complex setup procedures for analogue printing methods. With minimal setup procedures, digital printing makes it is easy for virtually anyone to print.

It eliminates the need for prepress and blending of ink and therefore doesn’t require specialised skills to operate.

6. Quality of Printed Materials

Printing technologies are improving over the years, and so are printed materials.

By eliminating the setup processes and the need to offset images before printing, digital printing offers better quality prints, making it a top choice for printing custom items such as t-shirts, caps, and even ceramic items.

7. Versatility

Digital printing offers versatility in virtually all ways. This printing method has a large media range, meaning it can accept various data and graphic forms to print.

What’s more, digital printing allows for printing on over 3,000 printing substrates, including photo paper, synthetics, and even metallics.

Digital printing involves the printing of digital-based media directly on the various printing substrates. By eliminating set up processes before printing, digital printing has made it possible to print on demand.

What’s more, individuals incur fewer costs for small and medium print runs, get better quality printed materials within a shorter time, and have a range of printing materials to use.

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