What Are The Benefits Of Digital Publishing Platforms?

Benefits Digital Publishing Platforms

We live in a digital age. Almost everything has gone digital including the publishing industry. What’s not to love? Digital publishing platforms have made everything easy, convenient, accessible, and fast.

Digital publishing platforms have transformed the way we publish and print. Following are the main advantages of going digital:


Going digital has made publishing very affordable. Everything is done online using a computer. The need for printing and paying for a printing company is eliminated which cuts the cost significantly.

Even when you want the option for a physical print, the method is print-on-demand. That means you only print when the need arises. Digital printing is also cheaper than traditional printing.

The machines and equipment used in digital printing are very versatile and can easily print in bulk or one-offs.

Saves Time 

Creating your book or photo album is fast and easy. You can simply do the layout on your computer. There is no need to layout on paper and perform redundant steps and processes.

And when you decide to make a digital print, you can opt to print the whole book or individual pages especially if it is a photo book. It is easy to scroll through or jump from page to page.

Interactive Options

You can publish an interactive masterpiece. You can integrate photos and videos to make the experience more real and alive. Going digital allows integrating voice-overs, music, read-aloud technology, and many other special features. 

Editing Made Easy 

Editing and changes are still possible even after publishing. As the files are digital and there is no need to go back to the publishing office or the printing facility, post-production editing is possible.

You can keep your project updated and error-free. You can just correct typos anytime or improve your work whenever you want.

Immediate Feedback 

As the digital files are available online, your consumers can get the book or product immediately allowing for immediate feedback.

Getting real-time feedback gives you the chance to edit, change, add, or improve, whatever will make the product better.

Getting real-time feedback and sales information also gives you information on user behaviour and important distribution data.

Wider Audience  

Because digital is online, more people will have access to your product. You are not limited to any geographical location. And with most online transactions, buyers shoulder the shipping cost.

Because the location is not an issue, you can sell or distribute it to anyone, anywhere. That’s global reach!


Digital publishing eliminates the use of paper and other printing products which means you are helping to save the environment. Even digital printing is eco-friendly. Digital printing only prints what is necessary. The is no bulk printing. 

No Storage Required 

This applies to both you and your customer. The product is digital so it goes directly to your customer’s device. When there is a need to print, you do not require storage because you only need to print when there is an order.

And once the order is printed, it is shipped right away.

Final Thoughts

Digital publishing is especially convenient for photos and videos. A large file can easily be stored on a small hard drive. It can even be made into a digital photo and video album so there is no need to print. When printing is necessary, the photo album is sleek and not bulky. 

Do you still have traditional photo albums? It has been a while since I saw one. Maybe this is because we have all gone digital.

All our files and mementos are now all online or stored in a small memory stick. That is a good thing as digital files are easy to store.

You don’t have to worry about losing those important family photos because you can store them in the cloud or in your flash drives where you can have them forever. 

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