Want to Have a Stunning Canvas Print?

Almost every home and business makes use of some type of artwork to enhance the different areas of their place or office. Some buy inexpensive mass produced prints while others invest in the works of well-known artists. Now, a lot of people are beginning to look at canvas prints for an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind artwork that may have a very special meaning to them.

This form of art is basically as it sounds. A piece of quality canvas is used as the medium to have an image printed onto it. In order to do this there is a process that has to be followed. If done correctly, the canvas print will look absolutely amazing. If not, it will look like a piece of work gone wrong.

There are endless possibilities as to the type of image that can be used to create a canvas print. Once the image has been chosen then it is a matter of finding an online canvas print producer to complete the project.

The ultimate goal is to make the “artwork” look like it was painted using oil or acrylic.

There are a few tips you can follow to ensure that you will take home a stunning, high quality canvas print.

Plan for the image intended for the canvas print:

Once you have decided that you want to take advantage of the services offered by a digital printing company, you could go on and choose a photo that you would want to see on your canvas print. You are looking for a great quality canvas print so this means you need to start with a top quality photo.

Take the time to plan the subject of your canvas print; you want a photo that has sharp colors and well-defined colours, therefore, you should find a high-resolution version of that image that you want on your “artwork”.

If you are not that good at taking photos you may want to ask someone to do it for you -someone who has a better camera or who is more experienced.

Setting the scene for your photo:

There are different processes that are used for the production of canvas prints. Usually, the image has to be trimmed to achieve the right size and to highlight the best part of the photo.

When taking your own photo, You want to be sure that you make your subject the center of your image; also, keep in mind that proper framing could give you the results that you want.

Photo touch up:

Even an almost-perfect photo may have something that you would like to enhance. If you are experienced with image touchups and knowledgeable in using the right software, you may want to enhance the photo yourself. Some digital printing companies can do this for you, all you have to ask if the service is for free or if you have to pay a certain price to get your photo manipulated.

Some decision-making when it comes to canvas prints online:

If you are new to this form of artwork, you may be a little confused at some of the choices that are given to you style-wise. It’s always a good idea to ask the staff of the company of your choice or do your homework prior to deciding. The company’s staff should be able to accommodate all your questions with regard to canvas printing and also, they should be able to guide you all throughout the process, especially if you have doubts.

Gallery wraps:

In this option, the canvas wraps around the stretcher bar. It  is then fastened to the back of the wood frame to keep it in place. This means your image is going to wrap around as well. Another technique that can be used in this process is “mirror imaging” where in the photo is adjusted so the photo will be extended through the edges. In other cases, a solid color is used as the border color.

Choosing gallery wrap for the production of your canvas print, it means that none of the fasteners used to hold the image in place can be seen, and it allows you to have a canvas print without a frame.

Non Gallery wraps:

This is the opposite of the gallery wrap option. The canvas is secured at the sides rather than the back, but this means a frame for the canvas piece will have to be used.

While we have talked about taking new photographs to have your canvas prints created, you may have an older photograph that you wish to use. Be sure to discuss your needs with a quality print service provider like Impact Digital. This digital printing company will give you all the options available and they will take good care of your photos because they know how valuable they are to you.


There so many great reasons for choosing canvas prints to create amazing works of art. It allows you own an impressive and unique artwork at a reasonable. Trying to use other types of art pieces that fall into this category can be really expensive.

It is also another way of personalizing your home. By being able to take the image you want and have it transformed into art, you can capture memories in a photo and have them displayed in a unique way that will last for many years.

Aside from thinking about canvas prints for your home or office, consider it as a gift to a loved one. Taking a photo that would have special meaning for an individual and having it composed into a canvas print would make that gift extra special.




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