The Many Benefits of Digital Printing

With the advent of digital technology, capturing information in print these days has become easier more than ever through digital printing. The conventional or traditional methods of letterpress and offset printing which were a popular choice of large businesses years ago have now been surpassed by digital printing. This is because of the economically viable way of digital printing in producing small runs. In fact, this is now the most favoured type of printing by both small and large corporations for their marketing materials. Highlighted below are some of the benefits brought about by digital printing.

Reduced costs

There are many huge advantages that can be derived from digital printing. One of these is the reduction in printing cost. Offset printing is quite expensive compared to digital printing. This is because offset printing entails setup fees and plates to be made. On the other hand, digital printing requires no setup fees. Hence, there is a great cost reduction, especially for small-volume printing requirements. Marketing materials such as flyers or brochures, business forms and cards can now be printed digitally at substantial savings. What’s more, full colour printing can be viable as you would have if you were doing black and white.


With the simplified and reduced steps in digital printing, prints can be produced faster. Digital printing needs not go through the setup process that is required in offset printing. Hence, you can go directly to printing your orders and get them delivered on the same day. This is true especially as most printing jobs required by businesses are of the retail volume or quantity that will demand a higher price if done traditionally.

Superior Quality

In digital printing, there will be no issues on print quality. Colours will be as great and vibrant as you want them. The lines will be sharper and hues or shades are controllable to the degree that you want them to appear. Furthermore, print quality is kept consistently throughout the printing process, from the first print to the last.

Print Flexibility

Most of the printing requirements of both small and large scale businesses are intended for marketing. They all aim to hit various markets to test-run a product. More often than not, these materials need to be personalized to make them adaptive to their intended target market. Short-run digital printing is therefore what businesses needs. This is something the traditional methods would find difficult to handle. With digital printing, personalization is very possible and feasible as the information is not engraved in the master.

Reduced Carbon Footprints

With the plating process bypassed, as well as the other processes, equipment and materials in the pre-press setup, much energy is conserved that would otherwise be spent. Digital printing, therefore, contributes greatly to enhancing the quality of the natural environment.

Prototyping Option

One common issue among many businesses, whether start up or established, is the quantity of initial print orders. In traditional offset printing, the initial order is huge to compensate for the cost of the master step. But many businesses will not need those big orders. They only need a sample size or a prototype order that can serve the requirements of a test market. In digital printing, prototyping can be done faster for a much less cost.

While digital printing is easily applicable if the customer will consider a DIY option, it is not really recommended, unless you have your own printer. However, it is highly suggested that the job should be sourced out to commercial printers. It is because printing jobs often require meticulous and delicate printing. If you allow the expert digital printing services to handle the task, you will be spared from the headaches that come with operating your own printing system.

Keep in mind that it’s not only the printer that you need to capitalize. You also need to spend for the consumables such as ink and paper. Besides that, if you will run all your print jobs by yourself, you would most likely get a person to handle these things. Moreover, you must provide for the contingency if your system might run out of service. What will you do?

Trust the Job to the Experts

The more logical approach is to trust the printing works to the professionals who do nothing but print. These commercial digital printers will probably do what you might have done in case of a contingency.

Of course, they will charge you more than what you’ll spend in doing it yourself. However, this payment will be worth for a mess-free, worry-free and professional printing service. After all, they assume all the risks. Then, all you need to do is simply watch how good your brochure is being produced. You can as well focus on how to make your market gobble up your product under promotion.

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