Personalised digital printing enables you to customise specific text, graphics and images within a single digital print run, resulting in unique and personalised printed pieces.

The variable data automatically changes from one printed item to the next without stopping or slowing down the press. This means you only need one print job to directly reach each individual within your audience – by name, by company name, by specific message or image.

How do I set up my job for personalised digital printing?

Consider the end product – how will your audience receive the item?

Will the end product be sent out in an envelope? Will it be mailed? Will it be plastic wrapped or sent out as a postcard? The size, format and how it is contained will affect mailing or production costs. Talk to us to ensure that you have all the information you need to design and produce a successful direct mail project.

Design your direct mail piece.

Set up the job in an Adobe InDesign document as you would a normal digital printing project. In the areas where the variable data is to be used, insert the information for one of the customers on the database.

Set up spreadsheet.

Set up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing your variable data. Each field of data should be its own unique identifier. Break your data into logical fields. If in doubt, remember that it is easy to flow fields of data together but extremely hard to split big fields, for example: “Mr” “John” “Smith” rather than “Mr John Smith”.

Mark up a laser proof and supply with the final artwork.

Print out a laser copy of the job and highlight the areas (text or images) that are to contain the variable data. Then supply us with the database file, collected InDesign artwork and marked up proof.

On the digital press, the flagged areas within the artwork file connect with the variable data from the database, producing a complete print run of personalised documents without stopping the press.

To find out more about personalised printing or to arrange a quote, please call Tony Parker or Heath Nankervis on 03 9387 0999.

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