Scaling Up Your Business with Brochures and Flyers

Many businesses have begun to stray away from print media as the Internet becomes more dominant in our everyday lives. While some have done this they are soon beginning to recognise this is perhaps a mistake on their part. Brochures and flyers have always played an important role in all types of industries and continue to do so. The main purpose of your brochures and flyers is to get your business name known and to show what you are able to offer the public. In some cases the brochure may be to entice sales, while at other times it may be for information purposes. No matter what the reason is for the brochures and flyers it can help you to win business, but there are some factors that you need to consider first.

Getting your brand known

One of the most important functions of this type of media is getting your brand known through your brochures and flyers; this is known as brand awareness. You can use your brochures as a part of your direct marketing campaign and you can use your flyers for blanket advertising, and you can use either or both of these for remarketing.

For which they are going to be the most successful depends on how they are comprised, their quality, and how they are distributed. Being able to have a hard copy of what your brand is about and what it can serve is extremely important when you can get it into the hands of potential customers.

While many businesses are using email as their source for reaching out to their potential clients this form of marketing has some limitations to it. When you are able to extend a quality piece of media such as your brochure or flyer to a client it is a tangible item that they will often tend to hold onto. Perhaps they may not peruse it or follow through with the call of actions that may be included in the brochure at that time, but they will keep it for future use. Often what happens with emails is that they get reviewed and deleted or forgotten about.

Extend your promotions

Most businesses run a few promotions throughout the year within different time frames. When you can include these promotions or sales within your brochures or discounts that you offer, you are extending the longevity of your promotion which usually helps to increase your overall business. This is particularly important if you do not have an expiry date on the promo that you are offering so that you don’t need to update your brochure. For example, some businesses offer a discount for new clients. Including this in your brochure makes sure you are getting the message out.

Make a first impression

While having brochures and flyers is an important part of your marketing efforts it is just as important that they are of good quality both in their content and the materials used to produce them. Your brochure and flyers are there to make the right first impression, and you want to make sure this is a great impression.

If it is done well it will most likely encourage individuals to keep this form of print media on hand for future referral. When it is good quality many people take in this sort of media as a gift because it is a useful resource to them. Every client likes to receive something that they feel is of value. That’s why it is important for you to put a great deal of value on your print material such as your brochure and flyers.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune and use only the best paper and ink. What it does mean is finding a quality supplier that provides the service of constructing your brochures and flyers for you. It is even more impressive¬†when you have your brochures and flyers comprised of environmentally friendly paper and materials. This is a big factor with many individuals when it comes to print material.

Making the right decisions

You may have to make a decision between having a brochure made and having flyers done. Again, this is going to depend on what type of message you want to deliver.You need to know what the sole purpose of this media is for.

If you are having an event or a big sale for example, then you will most likely want to do this type of advertising through a flyer. This way you can disseminate larger quantities and also post them in a variety of locations.

With a brochure you want this as a long-lasting type of media, and the message it is going to deliver will be more focused on your overall brand and what your company stands for. Once you have decided to have your brochure made you’re going to find that there are some decisions you have to make regarding its style. You want to be able to have the option between single-sided or double-sided brochures, or perhaps a choice for the folded brochures. Make sure that you use a supplier that is able to offer you a good range of formats and stocks that you can choose from, and if necessary that you can create your own custom size to suit your business.

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