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Australia as a whole has a long-standing and well-established printing industry with the first professional printing press coming to these shores as far back as 1788. However, the first printing operations did not begin until somewhere between 1795 to 1800, when George Hughes taught himself how to use the printing press and began to print Governor Hunter’s regulations and orders.

The for-profit printing industry began when George Hughes replaced George Howe in 1800 at the Government Printing Office. Howe was given permission to print non-governmental work for profit. With time, Howe produced the first book in 1802– the NSW Standing Orders. Three years later Howe started the first weekly newspaper – The Sydney Gazette. The first printing business to be established in Melbourne was the Melbourne Advertiser. The newspaper printing business was established in 1838.

From these humble beginnings, the professional printing industry grew and developed in leaps and bounds. Importantly, with the advent of new technologies in the 21st century, professional printing has grown rapidly across the country. The development of highly efficient, computer-driven printing systems has enabled small to medium businesses like ours to flourish by providing high-quality professional printing services that not only match but also exceed customer expectations.

That being said, it is important to appreciate the fact that printing technology has developed and evolved to the point where it is now possible to handle a wide variety of printing tasks on a DIY basis. Nonetheless, for the best results possible, nothing can replace the workmanship, experience, and the technology used by professional printers in the Melbourne service industry.

Whilst your home or office printing solutions may be able to handle a wide variety of printing tasks, when faced with high-volume or specialised printing, seeking professional services is the best solution. To understand why professional printing services should be your to-go-to solution, we will explore the benefits that you will receive with these services.


For the most part, professional printers provide cost-effective printing solutions. This is especially true when you have a large batch of material to print as is the case for many businesses. This is because individuals and businesses do not have to invest in equipment that allows them to scale up their printing solutions. As such, you do away with the cost of equipment acquisition and maintenance.

Our Process

Professional Touch In Your Items

A professional printer will do it better than a novice can, regardless of what you are printing. Professional printers are not only trained in all aspects of design but they are also experienced in their niche. As such, they are able to deliver much better quality workmanship than an untrained and inexperienced administrative assistant, student, or a DIY creative. As such, if you need professional looking printed items, hiring a professional printer is the best solution for you.

Professional Printers Have Advanced Printing Capabilities

Very similar to their ability to scale their capacity, professional printers also have the ability to obtain more advanced printing technology than an individual and or company can. Whether it is on the software front for designing or on the printing front with regards to specialised printers, a professional printer will obtain all the technology necessary to offer the spectrum of printing services. Printing companies are incentivised to purchase a wide range of printing equipment to retain their competitive edge. This is an unlike the case of a regular business or individual, where having the basic printing equipment is more than enough.

With this in mind, professional printers can and usually do handle a wide variety of printing services, something businesses and individuals cannot achieve.

Impact Digital: Your To-Go-To Printing Services Provider

As it stands, there are plenty of benefits that come with opting for professional printing services. However, not all printing companies are the same. Just as is the case in any industry, some companies are more innovative and, therefore, better placed to meet your needs. Importantly, there are companies that are better positioned to serve their customers owing to their customer-centric service delivery approach. These are some of the positive qualities that Impact Digital are renowned for.

We are renowned for taking a friendly approach in delivering services to our customers. Whether you are an experienced professional marketer, DIY creative, or a student, we will work with and give you all the support and advice you need to meet your goals. Importantly, we also have a wide range of printing capabilities to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

We offer:

Business card printing solutions,
Report printing solutions,
Marketing material printing services,
Brochures printing services,
Corporate stationery printing services,
Counter cards printing services,
Point-of-sale poster services,
Wedding stationery services,
Photobook development and printing services,
Folio printing solutions,
Presentation development folders,
Custom ring binder development services, and much more.

With this in mind, if you need any professional printing services and solutions as a business or individuals, call us on 03 9387 0999 today and we will be happy to serve you.


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