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Custom Brochure Printing Melbourne

Are custom brochures right for your business? Marketing your business often comes with a multitude of options.

While it’s crucial for all companies to have digital marketing elements such as social media profiles and a website, print collateral also plays a significant role in marketing your business.

Actually, there are cases where print marketing materials such as brochures, large format displays, flyer printing, and custom mailers are prioritised over digital elements.

This is because there are still many people out there who don’t rely a lot on the internet, which makes print materials the only introduction to your business.

There’s something about using custom brochures to put your brand in people’s hands and tell them your full story.

As a business owner, you know that you need to stay ahead of the competition but probably still wonder if that’s achievable given that print media has been around for such a long time.

The good news is that with custom brochures, you can put an original spin to the design and format.


What Makes An Effective Brochure Design?

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When you’re communicating with your potential customers, relaying less information isn’t always the best direction to take.

Brochures can help you tell a more complete story about your brand and what your business can deliver. However, it’s a must that you choose a practical design to help you tell your story.

Choosing the right design, paper stock options, as well as sizes, can not only help you deliver your message but also achieve the best look for your project.

So, what makes an effective brochure design? Following are some quick tips for designing brochures that really dazzle:

1. Pick the right stock: Makes sure you talk to your printing service about the best paper stock for your project before they put pen to notepad.

Some of the popular types to consider for your brochure include:

  • Bond paper
  • Matte finish
  • Glossy finish
  • Recycled stock
  • Silk coated paper

2. Design for your target audience: Since you’re turning to brochures to communicate with potential and existing customers, it’s imperative that you design your folders with your target audience in mind.

Knowing your audience and considering what it is that you want your brochure to achieve plays a significant role in helping you design useful custom brochures.

3. Pick the right size and brochure folding format: The amount of information that you want to deliver will determine the brochure size.

It’s highly recommended that you get straight to the message. Brochure fold options include:

  • Bi-fold
  • 3-Panel fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Poster fold
  • Roll fold

4. Make sure you get imagery right: The headline, the colours as well as images determine the quality of your brochures.

Professional graphic designers can help you get imagery right and create the perfect flyer for your business.


Importance Of Brochures As A Marketing Tool

Are you wondering if custom brochures are a useful marketing tool? If so, then you will be glad to know that brochures are a tried and true marketing tool, and the good news is that they are not going anywhere.

Brochures are an excellent way to connect your customers with your brand’s goods and services.

They explain your products and services while pointing out the key benefits to the customer.

Furthermore, they are quite affordable and offer plenty of unique design options to help make your brand stand out.


Print Brochures Online

Getting custom printed brochures has never been easier. You can print full-colour brochures online.

High-quality brochure printing is one of the most effective ways to bolster any business regardless of the niche.

Impact Digital can deliver high-quality print products, including custom brochures, to nail your point home and make your content more memorable.  Contact us at Impact Digital today on (03) 9387 0999.

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