What Type of Materials Can Be Digitally Printed


The invention of the printing press in the 15th century changed the world.

It allowed knowledge that was previously only in the hands of the elite to be shared with a much wider audience of people.

As printing became more affordable and faster, it became possible for anyone to put their ideas onto paper. Digital printing is the next step in that evolution.

With digital printing, not only can anyone express their ideas, they can share their creativity and publish things in attractive packages.

Express Yourself

We are visually stimulated creatures, and we are more likely to like and value something if it looks good. This even comes down to things like college papers.

A thesis that is handwritten, with ink smudges and blot marks is unlikely to get good marks if the person marking it struggles to wade through the text.

As objective as they try to be, the presentation does matter. Good, clear printing, colour diagrams and tidy binding can make a big difference.

This is something that has been highlighted in studies on the use of typography.

Well presented essays, on average, get better marks than bad ones.

Brighten Up Invites

Digital printing isn’t just for essays or marketing, though. It is an effective way of producing smart looking letterheads, and it’s ideal for party or wedding invites too.

With the right type of printing service you can enjoy having the freedom to design your own invites, and truly express yourself.

Print on Almost Any Surface

With digital printing, you can transfer your design to almost any surface.

Traditional printing media include paper and card, but you can also print onto wood, plastic and other surfaces with the right equipment, as well as do garment printing.

Depending on what type of material you are hoping to print on, you may have to use a different printing process. There are many digital printing processes, including:

  • Inkjet printing: Of the kind that you would be accustomed to from printing at home
  • Laser printing: Using toner to print pages rapidly, laser printers are also becoming more accessible for home use

The main advantages of these are that you do not need to worry about preparing a press or screen.

While industrial printing methods are very useful when you are printing large volumes of paper or card and need speed and accuracy,  digital printing methods are much more useful for producing one-off documents or for shorter runs.

This makes digital printing affordable for consumers and small presses.

Print on Demand publishing became popular when digital printing became mainstream and affordable.

Instead of having to order a large run of books, with Print on Demand, a publisher can do runs of just one or two books.

Print on demand books are usually bound with cheaper glues or staples rather than the high-quality stitching used by traditional publishers however, the quality of the bindings has been improving over time.

Flexible Technology

As you can see, digital printing is a flexible technology.

There is a growing movement towards ‘eco friendly’ digital print services that will use recycled paper and card stock.

This offers affordable and high-quality alternatives to the glossy papers that have been popular until recently.

If you want to present a good image to your customers while still doing your bit for the environment, using eco-friendly printing materials is a good option.

By ordering only the run size that you need, and making smart choices for the materials that you get things printed on, you can ensure that you minimise waste and reduce your impact on the planet.

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