How Digital Printing Works And Some Of Its Benefits

How Digital Printing Works Its Benefits

Digital printing involves printing from a digital source, which doesn’t require the use of printing plates such as those used with offset printing. 

It is the newer method of printing, which involves some complex computing, which directs the printing machine how to create a specific image on paper. 

What the digital printer does, is analyse the particular model and then print it based on the needs of the customer. 

The whole process of digital printing is different from that of litho printing, which involves using wet ink and transferring the given image through printing plates. 

This new method of printing uses a complex set of formulae to assemble the image and produce the printout. 

It works best for those designs that have a lot of fine, intricate details.

How The Process Works

With digital printing, you need to send an image directly to the printer through formats such as PDF or PSD, among others. 

After you have sent the picture or design, the image is recreated by being drawn out with tiny dots. 

The dots per inch show the resolution of the print. This means the more the dots in every square inch, the more detailed the image will be. 

The print then converts the picture to PDF or PSD format and then into JPEG, BMP or GIF format. 

These are known as the raster image files and give the printer a set of instructions about how detailed the printout should be. 

To understand the raster image files they have to imagine that the image they seek to print is a grid having both x and y coordinates.

Within this grid are tiny dots representing the areas that need printing. There are hundreds of different digital printing machines used for this. 

An example of this is the Xerox 550-560 which uses a toner to ensure the print comes out dry.

Advantages Of Digital Printing

1. Quality

If you want quality printouts, digital printing is the way to go. 

This ensures that the colours in the image are seen perfectly on the prints and eliminate any harsh lines which may occur as a result of printing. 

With digital printing, the quality of the printout is virtually identical to that of the original image. 

It also allows you to manipulate the image depending on your requirements. 

Digital printing will also enable you to add some effects to the image, for example, adding a glossy finish, which then adds value to the printed material.

2. Speed

Digital printing saves a lot of time which one would have otherwise spent when using more traditional methods. 

You do not need to go through the same lengthy procedure used with the offset printing method. 

You can, therefore, get your order printed almost immediately, and expect them to be delivered within a few hours. 

Also, you don’t need to worry about the number of materials you want to print because the digital printing process is simpler and faster. 

The fewer processes also result in a lower cost of production; hence, it’s not as costly compared to using traditional methods of printing.

3. Environmental Friendly

The best thing about digital marketing is that it plays a massive role in reducing your carbon footprint

First and foremost, the plates that were initially used in the printing process and other equipment are no longer used, and this helps to conserve energy. 

Besides, inkjet printing minimises ink waste because it only puts ink on the specific parts of the material that need printing. 

This alone helps to minimise the impact on the environment.

Final Thoughts

Digital photo printing is a better alternative than traditional printing methods because of its ability to produce a high-quality print, it’s cost effectiveness and the minimal impact it has on the environment. 

If you are looking to get some printing done, it’s important that you consider digital printing as it is far more economical and much more efficient.

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