Hit Brochure Design Concepts for Melbourne Small to Medium Enterprises

Brochures are one of the most popular branding tools in business. Problem is, have a really bad rap because:

  1. they contain way too much information, giving the impression that it is a  whole business novel; or
  2. the document is so plain that you’re not motivated to read past the second paragraph.

Sadly, a great number of these uninspiring brochures carry important information.

trash bin
Instead of disseminating it, they end up in the trash bin. The great information is negated because it didn’t pique the target audience’s interest from the get-go and see it through.

It’s important to note that brochures alone must capture the interest of your target market. Often they are placed on the reception desk or some strategic place within the business premises so that they will be seen and hopefully picked up.

a woman looking at a brochure
With this in mind, they have to be visually appealing. This is where design comes in. Note that:

  • A beautiful-looking brochure is likely to draw someone passing by and prompt him to pick it up.
  • Someone is likely to read the brochure through to the end if it’s exciting and easy to read.

Contrary to popular belief, the most important aspect of the brochure (content) comes last in marketing your business. This is not to water down the aspect of important, relevant information. But for readers to know, they have to be attracted and interested in the brochure.

So, how do you manage to create an attractive brochure that succeeds in serving its purpose eventually?

Tips for that Hit Brochure


1. Think simple and reflect that simplicity in the design

Simple can be incredibly effective. The idea is to avoid strain on people. Most people that you are targeting will simply shrug the brochure off if they have a difficult time understanding what you wanted to say.

example brochure
But with a simple design, one gets impression that it can be easily read and understood. This is the first step in prodding the market to read and get to know your products and services.

But being simple with the brochure is not an excuse for it to be boring. Aside from being heady, being dull will be another reason for readers to put the brochure aside.

To prevent this, you have to be aware of the nuances of a good brochure design. First, once it’s opened, it should reveal some beautiful patterns.Then, surprise readers with key revelations about the business. This will pique the reader’s curiosity and help you get your message across.

2. Consider your material – it determines the final look

Besides content, the material used can make or break its purpose. A recyclable material is appreciated by people and release the vibe that your business is ecologically friendly. Something more industrial on the other hand emits a completely different feel.

eco friendly materials
What’s important is that your brochure has something readers can relate with.

One thing to consider in making your brochure is digital printing. More and more small to medium enterprises have turned to digital printing for their large format printing needs in recent years.

Digital Printing Advantages


    1. Environment-friendly. Digital printing is far more ecologically friendly compared to the traditional offset printing. there’s no need for mechanical steps in printing which include making films and colour proofs, making plates and stripping the pieces together.


printed brochure
Most digital printers use recyclable plastic containers and non-hazardous inks. Moreover, digital printing sheets are also easy to de-ink, which makes it easier to recycle paper.

This will help your business achieve the ultimate goal of producing top quality brochures within ecologically acceptable limits, which registers well with the public.

    1. Less printing time. The turnaround time for the print job is greatly reduced. This means more time for other high priority items in their calendars.


    1. Easy to make necessary changes.It’s easier for the SME to make changes on the brochure.Plus, this can be done without stopping or slowing down the press.


3. Use simple graphic shapes to create an impact

Well-chosen graphic shapes enhance the brochure’s appearance and improves its impact on the reader. They may also increase the brochure’s fun factor.

business brochure example template
You can use these to achieve a cool three-dimensional look – a look that’s essentially irresistible.

4. Be creative with your shapes

Unique is always eye-catching. Thus, avoid the ordinary when it comes to your inserts and the overall shape of the whole document.

Who said a brochure page must be rectangular or square? You can put some magic in this. Think of circles, heart shapes or triangles Choose one that would best represent your business and your message.

eye-catching logo
For starters, be sure to keep it linear. Do not go down the booklets route. Brochures shouldn’t really be folded booklets that are bound at the centre – leave that design for your newsletters.

Instead, consider letting them stretch out in a variety of different creative patterns, but be cautious on not overdoing anything.

The idea is to shape the brochure that it can be viewed as a whole. This is better than imposing to the reader the need to flip through pages.


At the end of the day, a brochure that’s fun with a unique illustrative style, bright colours and line work and is preferably small, will win your target market. This success is being enjoyed by enterprises that have partnered with Impact Digital, the current market leader in digital printing.

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