Has Digital Printing Improved Our Lives Today? 

Has Digital Printing Improved Our Lives TodayFirst and foremost, what is digital printing? Well, it is any form or method of printing that involves printing from a digital-based image directly to a wide range of media such as paper, fabric, glass and many others.

The next question is – has digital printing really improved our lives today? If you ask most people, it definitely has! Digital printing has had a huge impact on many industries such as the sign and label industries.

For centuries, print media has been used for advertisement and few methods of printing have attained as much success as digital printing.

Numerous technological advancements that have been realised in recent years have opened up the world of digital printing to almost everyone on the globe.

You can now print much more easily, faster and conveniently than ever before.

Digital Printing

Digital printing brought with it a whole new universe of possibilities. You can now print accurate and high-quality graphics on any form of medium you wish.

The fact that you can print a detailed digital image from your computer or smart gadget onto a piece of paper or fabric should not be taken lightly.

Several years back and the only way you could achieve this was by using traditional printing methods like screen printing. Digital printing revolutionised the whole concept of turning ideas into tangible objects.

Basically, printing has never been the same since the advent of digital printing. Below are some of the ways digital printing has improved and enhanced our lives today:

1. Cost-Saving

Digital printing over the years has significantly reduced the cost of printing business signs and labels. Outdated forms of printing like screen and offset printing used to cost way more than the cost of digital printing today.

This modern form of printing is very cost-effective especially when undertaking small-scale printing jobs. A digital printer can be used on both small and large printing projects without any major cost concerns.

Essentially, you pay a fixed price to print a single digital print regardless of the size of your project.

2. Time-Saving

Once upon a time, printing was a time-intensive process that required lengthy planning and preparation processes. Screen printing, for instance, required a person to invest a great deal of time in making screens.

However, things quickly changed when digital printing came into the scene. Today, print is done in a quick and efficient manner. Swift turnaround times are now the new norm.

3. Colour Printing

Digital printing has also made it easier and not to mention cheaper to print colour onto different media. Traditional forms of printing were very limited and not so accurate when it came to colour printing.

Digital printing changed all that by bringing a whole new array of colour and graphics choices. You can now print millions of colours accurately and affordably onto any medium you want.

4. Print Variables

Digital printing also brought with it a new innovation called variable data printing. This is where many different kinds of data can be printed onto media at the same time.

You don’t need to stop printing and change to another screen in order to change the data you are printing, like in offset printing. You can customise each of your print outputs using different texts and images.

This is possible with the help of desktop publishing software. Variable data printing is currently used by millions of businesses and companies for advertisement and marketing purposes.

5. Medium of Printing

With digital printing, you can print on almost any surface you want. You can print on unusual surfaces like plastic cups, glass, ceramics, fabric and many others.

If you thought printing was only done on paper, then you need to try out digital printing. Digital printing is both versatile and cost-effective. Try it out today and experience a whole new world of possibilities.

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