Go Green: Benefits of Making Your Company More Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly company

Industries and businesses are the leading cause of increasing environmental issues like desertification, extinction of various species, and global warming. Over the past 30 years, companies have contributed many harmful pollutants in the environment like irrespirable particles and nitrogen oxide.

Our ignorance towards environment not only affected our health, it adversely affected our business growth as well. Going green or being environment-friendly through your business is the new way of operations management. Degrading global development cannot help your business development.

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Benefits of Being Environment-Friendly

Being environment-friendly will help your business. Let us see how.

#1 Get noticed for the right reason

“Go Green” is the new acceptance grade for the society. Whether companies agree or not, being environment-friendly is the call of the hour. Your performance is measured with the level of compliance with environment protection protocols. Consumer awareness is increasing; they understand what is good and bad for their health. So, anything that you do, whether right or wrong, is noticeable by your target customer and investors.

If you want your business to be noticed for all the right reasons, you will have to give the society what they want. Be proactive, intelligent and do well for the society. Your healthy participation in the “Go Green” act can give you a better reputation in the market.

Try indulging yourself in environment-friendly marketing campaigns, use recycled products, and change your manufacturing processes.

#2 Going green helps to save money

There has always been a huge misconception about being environment-friendly. A debate about how cost effective being an environment-friendly business is, persists. According to a survey conducted by UCLA in 2012, companies that proactively involve green practices in their business strategies have 16% more productive employees as compared to others.

Another collaborative research study suggests that hospitals can eventually save around $15 billion over a decade if they reduce energy consumption and introduce green methods of working. Being environment-friendly is quite cost effective. It helps develop a healthy work environment and saves money.

An initial investment in reducing fuel consumption and waste output is not only beneficial in the long term, but it also gives you political support in your growth. Companies that effectively use environmentally-friendly methods like solar power and hybrid automobiles get a tax credit from the government of that particular state.

Some big brands who benefitted by adopting environmentally-friendly methods are Marks and Spencer who earned an extra €50 million revenue and Bank of America which saved around $500,000 per year.

#3 Earn reputation and goodwill

Being more ethical and responsible gives you a permanent customer base.  Consumers today are well aware and judgmental. Environmental issues can no longer be ignored. The customer nowadays expects companies to be more credible towards the environment. Demand for environment-friendly goods and services is higher than ever.

Your responsibility towards global development helps you earn a positive reputation and goodwill in the mind of your customer.


Being environment-friendly benefits every kind of business, regardless of the size and type. Prioritising environment will help you and your business at all levels.

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