Digital Printing: What Is Print On Demand And How Does It Work?

Digital Printing On Demand How It Work

Are you an artist, writer, designer, or entrepreneur looking for a new creative medium? Have you ever heard of print on demand, but don’t really know much about it? Print on demand is an innovative approach to digital printing that can be your next creative canvas and the reasons why are plentiful!

Print-on-demand services are an innovative way to develop creative, customised products at a lower cost. It is the process of imprinting white-labelled products with customised designs and selling them under your brand or your business. As such, they are the perfect way to showcase your designs and build your brand.

If you want to learn more about print on demand and how it works, feel free to continue learning more about it below.

Print On Demand: Advancement In Digitisation

Print on demand is a process of working with a supplier in order to customise white-label products such as baseball hats or tote bags with your own designs to be sold on a per-order basis under your brand.

Essentially, you only pay for the product after you have already sold it, which eliminates the need of having to buy the product in bulk or holding inventory. 

With print-on-demand services, processes after the sale from printing to shipping are all handled by the supplier. Additionally, with print-on-demand services you can pilot test a business idea, monetise an audience you have already grown, create original products for a particular niche, easily print one-off items, and even sell your photos online.  

Digital Printing On Demand How It Work

Popular Products For Print On Demand

Print on demand is popular amongst booksellers and publishers. Books are an easy product to start with as they are one of the products that benefit the most from print on demand distribution.

However, other popular products also include t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and anything that can be customised. T-shirts are always in high demand, so there’s a higher chance that it will sell. You can actually start selling your designs on t-shirts as a starter and then expand to other best-seller products. 

Ultimately, print on demand allows you to print your creative and customisable designs on various products. The choice of product depends not only on what is trendy but what best represents your brand.

Why Try Print On Demand?

There are several advantages that are associated with print on demand distribution. Some of them include the following below:

  • Products can be created quickly. With print on demand, you can create a product as soon as you have your design. From here, you can put your product up for sale in just minutes.
  • No need to worry about shipping. All you have to take care of is the sale itself. The supplier will be the one to take care of shipping and fulfilment. After the sale, you’re pretty much just in charge of customer service.
  • Lower investments mean lower risk. Because you aren’t holding inventory, it’s much easier to add or remove products, try out new ideas, or reorient your approach.

Digital Printing On Demand How It Work


  • Print on demand expresses your branding. With print on demand, you’ll be able to brand your products by including logos, tags, or the unique aesthetics of your brand. 
  • Startup cost is kept to a minimum. No need to start up your business with a large amount of capital. 
  • More focus on other aspects. Since supplies can take care of printing to shipping, you can focus on other things such as marketing, sales, and customer service. Full sale reports will be provided by the printers to keep track of costs and royalties. 

Final Thoughts

Print on demand is an innovative approach to digital printing, especially for small and independent businesses out there. With print on demand, all you’ll have to do is create your design, put it up for sale, and the supplier or printer will take care of printing all the way to shipping. This gives you time to focus on sales, marketing, and customer service and help maximise the businesses as much as possible. 

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