When Will Digital Printing Overtake Offset Printing?

When Will Digital Printing Overtake Offset Printing

The number of offset print users who are moving to digital printing will continue to grow in the next few years. 

Experts state that digital printing is growing at a rate of 25% annually and will overtake traditional offset printing within the next couple of decades. 

All of them seem to agree that digital printing will continue to grow at a steady rate in 2020 and beyond. 

A recent estimate released by Smithers PIRA projects that digital printing will grow by up to 250% by the year 2024. 

In this article, we will attempt to answer the question of – “When will digital printing overtake offset printing?”

  • Digital printing vs. offset printing
  • Technical capabilities of digital printing 
  • Marketing possibilities of digital printing
  • Is digital printing the right fit for your next printing project?
  • When will digital printing overtake offset printing?

Digital Printing VS Offset Printing

Digital printing is the latest method of printing various materials. It uses toner and liquid ink to print instead of aluminium plates like in offset printing. 

Digital printing is the best option when you have lower quantities to print. The variable data capability is an important benefit of this form of printing. 

When each print needs a different address, name, or unique code, digital printing is the only method available. 

There are many advantages of digital printing such as lower setup costs for short runs, you can print only the amount you need and when you need it, variable data capability, and minimum quantities.

Offset printing is a traditional method that was used for many decades before digital printing came into the picture. 

Offset printing uses aluminium plates in order to transfer an image onto a rubber. This image will be rolled onto a sheet of paper. 

Because the ink isn’t transferred onto the paper directly, the method is known as offset printing. Offset presses are quite efficient once they are set up. 

Hence, offset printing is best for large quantities. 

The advantages of offset printing include low-cost printing for large quantities, greater detail and colour fidelity, use a large variety of paper types, and use special custom inks like metallic and Pantone colours.

Technical Capabilities Of Digital Printing

Digital printing allows for quick turnaround times and short runs at lower prices. The setup is simple compared to offset printing. 

Digital printing offers specialised finishes on a variety of printing surfaces. 

The image and colour quality are much better today with the arrival of the latest digital technologies. 

The quality of the print will also depend on the printing machine used for the project. 

Marketing Possibilities Of Digital Printing

With digital printing, you can take individual copies of a mass project and customise it for the intended reader.

The method is ideal for printing short runs of magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, and a wide variety of printing materials. 

That’s why digital printing is fast catching up with marketers of every kind. 

Today’s marketing firms rely on digital printing to convey their marketing message to the customer. 

As a consequence, digital marketing is going to overtake traditional offset printing due to the many advantages it offers.

Is Digital Printing The Right Fit For Your Next Project?

When you have shorter print runs, digital printing is the way to go. Digital printing improves the quality of the image and printing material. 

That’s why many marketers rely on digital printing to promote their products and services to customers. 

If you are a wise marketer, you will understand that digital printing is the right fit for your next project.

When Will Digital Printing Overtake Offset Printing?

The latest statistics show that digital printing will grow by 250% by the year 2024. 

As a result, many experts believe that digital printing will overtake offset printing within the next couple of decades.

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