Different Types Of Printing

If you are fairly new to the printing industry, it can become quite overwhelming choosing the right type of printing for your business. There are so many different types of printing, however, you should choose the method that is most compatible with what you plan to print. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, some of these printing methods are great for printing low volumes while others are ideal for larger volumes. It can be hard to choose the right printing method for your business unless you know the different printing methods out there. This article answers the question of – what are the different types of printing?

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is also known as offset lithography printing. This is a great method for high volume print runs. In fact, offset printing has the best printing quality among all of the other methods out there. It uses plates that run through water and ink for the printing process. The ink will stick to the areas where there are images and text. On the other hand, water will stick to the blank areas or spaces of the plate – where there aren’t any images or text. There is one disadvantage of this method, and that is mistakes aren’t easy to change once you place the layout of the printing plate. There are two types of offset printing such as web and sheet-fed. With the web press method, the paper is in a roll and cut after the printing process. On the other hand, in the sheet-fed method, the paper is already cut before the printing process. Offset printing is used to print brochures, newspapers, posters, magazines, etc.


Flexography is the printing method that helps label plastic and grocery bags. This method is quite versatile and helps to print on various surfaces. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing printing methods out there. The printing process uses flexible plates that are stuck onto a printing cylinder. Flexography is also known as an updated version of the letterpress printing method – which originated in the 15th century. This method is used to print plastic bags, gift wraps, food packaging, wallpaper, newspaper inserts, magazines, and wallcoverings.

Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing is ideal for printing high-quality and high-volume orders. Some of the materials printed using this method include mail order catalogues, brochures, magazines, and other types of long-run publications. This method could be quite expensive since it uses direct contact between the paper and the etched copper plate. Plastic laminates, gift wraps, wallpaper, vinyl flooring, and printed upholstery are the other materials that can be printed using the Gravure method. This method also has a sheet-fed process for smaller printing orders. Some of the items printed this way include artwork, promotional pieces, postage stamps, and photographic books.

Screen Printing

Silk screening or screen printing is one of the most versatile methods among all types of print reproductions. In this method, the ink is transferred to a base – avoiding the areas that are blocked by a stencil so that the ink doesn’t reach such areas. Screen printing is used for a wide variety of materials such as fabric, glass, plastic, metal, billboards, clothing, and mugs.

Digital Printing

This is the latest printing method that has become extremely popular in this day and age. That is due to the many benefits of this process. In fact, digital printing is fast and gives high-quality finishes. You don’t have to prepare any printing plates when using this method. It saves a lot of time and energy since there isn’t a set-up process similar to offset printing. On the other hand, digital printing prevents chemical and paper waste like most of the other methods. In fact, the ink and toner don’t get absorbed by the paper but remain on the surface. There are two major technologies that are used in digital printing. Inkjet and xerography are these two technologies. Inkjet printers are mostly used for printing posters, short printing runs for books, and various signage.

On the other hand, xerography or laser printing is used to print short printing runs for books, documents, direct mail, and brochures. In fact, digital printing is great for short printing runs since it is much cheaper than offset printing.

How To Choose The Right Digital Printing Service In Australia?

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