Design Tips for Digital Printing

You may not realize it because you take your home printer for granted, but you have actually done some digital printing already. These forms of production are the modern day form of printing. The most common types are either laser printing or ink jet printing. Normally, we just send a command to our printing device to print out a something, may that be a picture or a document. To really get the best from these devices, there are some digital printing tips that you may help you achieve your goal.

Because technology has already improved, it also means that there is no need for equipment that make use of printing plates and presses, which were popular in the past. These methods were used for offset printing. Digital printing has the ability to save a lot of time and money, and can be used for different purposes.

Digital printing makes use of digital files. These can be in the form of Portable Document Format (PDF) files or through the use of various types of software.

While digital printing is something that can be done from any home or business that has computer and printing units, in many cases, it is better to use professional digital printing services like those offered at Impact Digital ( This is especially true for large runs of material or for important documents.

When preparing your material for digital printing, you want it to be at its best, and these few tips will help you to accomplish this.

The right font

You want to be careful as to which font you’re going to on a project or document that you soon have to print. Your computer program will give you some options however, you may want to go and look at other font types that are free on the Internet. Make sure that the said fonts are compatible to your operating system, and have no restrictions so you can proceed with your project smoothly.

Color corrections

You may not have the expertise to enhance the quality of the images that you need for your project. No doubt you are going to want to have your digital printing project completed in high quality and by experienced digital print providers no less. The staff of the printing company will ask for the exact specifications as to what format your project is to be presented in so they can accomplish the job for you. In most cases, they will require that your images be in CMYK format. You may want to do your color corrections while they are still in RGB format. This is because you will have fewer color choices to work with when it is in the CMYK format.

Solid color sections

In digital printing, it is best to avoid having large areas that are covered with solid colors, because there’s a big chance that the color will look uneven. If this cannot be avoided, you may have to use editing software like Photoshop to fix the problem. Perhaps an easier solution would be to break down the solid colored areas into text or images.

Planning for the fold

There are some print materials that you may want to fold once completed. It is important to know that your print material does not absorb the toner used or it will crack once you fold the material. This usually doesn’t happen when the fold is along a line or the headline text. To prevent this problem, you can ask your digital printing service provider to score the printed sheets prior to the fold.

Be sure to take the time to prepare your material properly. It is not fair to blame the digital printing service for a less than perfect ouput if you have not done what is expected of you. Also, be sure to choose a quality digital printing service provider like Impact Digital, which has the experience and expertise to produce the type of services needed complete your project with precision.

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