How to Create a Design Portfolio with IMPACT!

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We know that online presence has opened new avenues for designers and opportunities in the industry, but there are many Australian companies who look highly upon a well printed and presented folio. After all, your folio is a reflection of your skill set, talent and creativity…but most of all it’s a reflection of yourself as a budding designer.

Making your work visible to the world is beneficial but is staying online through tweets, blogs and websites enough for your growth? Have you thought about setting yourself apart by creating beautifully printed pieces to market yourself? Although many designers out there is trying to create a presence online, it’s difficult to stand out amid the fierce competition, so how do you create and maintain a distinct identity?

Here are some pointers on how to Create a Design Portfolio with IMPACT!

#1 Less is More

Do not overload the display space with everything you have done till date. Nobody is perfect and cannot be proud about every project done throughout the career. Select the best out of the rest and place them online. Your portfolio should not look cluttered. It should be clean, simple, yet attractive. While creating the online portfolio, remember that “less is more”.

Creating a portfolio can be overwhelming, but remember that a portfolio is more appealing only if it can be easily navigable. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

#2 Use your Creativity

We all did projects that came out well but never got proper recognition. Finding some of those projects from your portfolio and placing them online can get you desired projects.

Do a real research on what is trending now. Your projects that match the ongoing trends can give you a lot more attention from quality clients than the ones which are old or out of the league.

Never make the mistake of placing only one type of projects on your portfolio. The variety you show in your portfolio creates your identity. The more variety you show in your work, the more variety of clients you get. Maintain a linearity while displaying projects done over a period.

#3 Keep offline options open

Creating an online portfolio gives a vast opportunity but do not ignore the offline options. You want to be visible online, but you also do not want to lose offline clients.

Make a physical portfolio similar to your online portfolio. Keep it creative and straightforward to understand. Your physical portfolio can also provide you with an immense number of clients so give it equal importance as you give to your digital portfolio.

#4 Be Transparent

Let the interested clients know about your working styles and deliverables.  Your transparency in work will help to gain the trust of the clients. A view of how you work, on your digital portfolio, can help you create a strong customer base.

After you create your profile, go for a second opinion from a professional. If necessary, review, add, delete, and repeat. For better results, stay away from flash and animations. Using original images from your successful projects create a better impact.

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