Common Questions Asked About Digital Printing Services

Common Questions About Digital Printing Services

These days the advent of modern technology has given rise to digital printing. There are now various digital printing providers such as Impact Digital that offer excellent quality services. As a top quality digital printing Melbourne provider, we often get asked some common questions about digital printing. We thought it may be helpful to share some of these with you here.

What type of mediums do you print on?

We specialised in quality printing utilising a good selection of paper stocks depending on your particular needs. We are able to print anything that your creativity can generate for you.

We cater to various clients who have printing needs for work, home and school as well as for marketing purposes. We do on occasion get some requests that are not within our service offerings such as printing Fido’s name on his bedding.

What is your minimum order?

Every client we serve is considered unique. Rather than just determine a minimum order across the board for everyone, we prefer to access each project individually. We will then discuss your requirements. After that, we will determine what the minimum run would have to be.

It is important to understand that a great deal of work has to be put into the setup for many different types of projects. This is why there is often a minimum set.

If you’re looking to have a 3 coloured tri-fold brochure done for your lady’s sewing circle but you only need ten of this, then, of course, we will offer you some options.

What is the difference between digital printing and screen printing?

Digital printing takes advantage of modern technology. It allows for the artwork being created by a computer, which can then be printed directly onto the item’s surface. There is no heat transfer process nor an applique used. Screen printing, on the other hand, is done with a stencil which is used for the application of several layers of ink.

What makes digital printing better?

What makes digital printing better?

Much smaller runs can be done with digital print. This means minimums are much lower. Plus, digital printing creates less paper waste. There are more options for form sizes and we can offer a great selection of quality stock paper. This form of printing is also better for the environment. There is also better accuracy proofing, and usually, the turnaround time is much faster.

What are special finishes all about?

If you really want your project to stand out, then we offer a great selection of special finishes. For example, we can perform a foiling process that adds foil to some segments of your artwork so it stands out and draws attention. We also offer a full selection of special finishes that really make your project unique and more convenient for the end user.

What makes your digital printing services different from your competitors?

We have lots of answers to this question. First of all, we are a family owned and operated business so we really know how to make customers our top priority. We also really care about the community that we live and work in as well as the environment.

We support this with our green digital printing services. We value our employees and recognise the contribution that they make to our company. We strive to be able to offer our services that are in line with the budgets that our many different customers have to adhere to.

What does ”personalised printing” mean?

Some have asked us if personalised printing means that they have to take part in the printing process. Actually, personalised digital printing involves allowing a graphic or image or even the text to be personalised for each run. Just imagine being able to put each of your names on the print material.

Can I come back in 20 minutes?

Now, this may seem like a strange question. But the fact of the matter is that often people get confused with photocopying versus quality digital printing. It is understandable and we are pleased to explain to these clients what the difference is.

It, of course, all depends on the size of the project. Basically, it could take a couple of days for the completion of it. During our free quote, we are going to give you a timeline for when your project will be completed.

Isn’t print media becoming mundane?

This is a question that is frequently asked by most clients. It surfaces because of the ease of access to the internet. However, what can never be forgotten is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Having your brochure sitting on a client’s desk has far more impact than when they happen to glance at it while surfing the internet.

The big difference is that one dynamic piece of print material that you are able to get into the hands of your client has no distractions at that moment in time.

The print material online usually can’t hold the attention of the viewers for the same length of time. This is because there is just too much other stuff to look at during the same time.

While some of these questions concerning digital printing in Melbourne may seem a tad unusual, they are still very valid. And we, at Impact Digital, are happy to be able to answer all of them.

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