How Business Cards Can Help You

Most business aspects have gone digital, and so, it makes perfect sense to digitise business cards, right?

We know that paper is gradually becoming obsolete in almost all aspects.

However, before we say the same for business cards, it’s essential to assess whether digital business cards are really helpful.

The best way to do this is by looking at both the pros and cons of digital business cards.

The Advantages of Digital Business Cards


There’s a fair chance that in a group of business individuals, you will be the only one with a digital business card in the room.

This makes you unique and piques the interest of a potential business investor, partner or client.

Smart Changes

When you change your email address, phone number or any other business detail on the card, you don’t have to waste money and time printing new business cards.

Instead, you can alter any detail for free, in just a few seconds.


Given the fact that digital business cards are free, you get to save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on offset printing.

Also, you minimise the chances of the card getting lost which means that you most likely only have to give a client, business investor or partner your card once.


As we are all aware, the supply of trees, and therefore paper, are disappearing at an alarming rate and has resulted in huge environmental concerns.

Using a digital business card instead of a paper one shows that you care about the environment, which increases your reputation in the industry.

Easy to Send or Forward

It’s very easy to send your digital business cards to any number of individuals with just the click of a button.

Your recipients can ideally forward the card to other individuals by just sharing the link.

The Disadvantages of Digital Business Cards

Less Memorable

When you print a business card and hand it over to a recipient, they are more likely to remember you.

Digital cards don’t have this impact as they are less personal.

Paper business cards have hues of colours, a personality and stand as an unparalleled tool of human networking.

Internet Access

You will require internet access to create and send the card and your recipients will also need it to view the card.

So, if any party doesn’t have internet connectivity, then it’s impossible to access the business card.

Few Design Options

If you are using a free service to create your business card, then you are stuck with general designs.

This means you won’t have a unique card that truly represents your brand.

Unopened Emails

As well all know, most people just open emails that are necessary to view and leave the others unread.

As such, there’s a high chance that your digital card will be discarded with the rest of the unread mail.

Digital business cards come with great features, but they have their share of cons.

Before deciding to go digital, it’s imperative to gauge your audience first to ensure that the pros will outweigh the cons.

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