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Business cards have, for a long time, been the primary way for business people to present their contact information to potential customers/clients and other business people. Even in today’s digital age, these cards continue to thrive. As matter of fact, in some countries like Japan and China, the exchange of business cards is considered a ritual. Business cards provide tangible ways of imparting information about what you do and who you are, making them a useful direct marketing tool. As a businessman or entrepreneur, having and presenting a business card demonstrates a level of professionalism to those you are dealing with.

The History of Business Cards

Business cards can be dated back to 17th century England and were initially used as trade cards and were also advertising media and maps since there wasn’t a formal street numbering system at the time. In the 1870s, these cards had become quite popular and were the most widespread form of advertising – promoting everything from pianos to patent medicine to baby milk. People displayed them in offices, railroad stations, restaurants, hotels and hotels. Salespeople generally assisted store owners in arranging advertisements on window displays and store counters using trade cards and large format show cards.

Advances in chromolithography led to the creation of colourful cards that people even started using as home decorations. Back then, trade card fronts contained information about the business’s name or one of its products depicted using visually-compelling illustrations or a design that would attract customers. The back was packed with business’s details from its location and contact info to product benefits, ordering details, and statistics – any information that would interest customers and push them to buy the business’s products. Business cards today are still used as a way to present a company’s information and as advertising platforms.   

The Benefits of Using Business Cards

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Although we are now in the digital age, having or using business cards is still highly beneficial. There are several benefits that these cards present and here is a look at some of them.

They Are Affordable

As a small business just starting out, you probably don’t have a big marketing budget, and since there aren’t a lot of relatively cheap marketing options out there, especially when it comes to marketing yourself, finding something that works for you is vital. Business cards are probably one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. Costing a few cents per piece, or cheaper when bought in bulk, you have a marketing tool that gives considerable ROI.

They Are Versatile

Despite being small in size, business cards can contain and present a ton of information. There is so much more you can put on them aside from just your contact info. You can also offer deals or coupons or even put some advertising material on them. However, don’t overdo it as you could end up overwhelming your recipients. Another good aspect of business cards is that you can use them to lead potential customers and clients to your website by placing a link to your landing page so your recipients can visit. If this is an option you wouldn’t mind trying out, then consider putting an introductory video of your business on the landing page.

They are Convenient

With a business card, you dictate how it looks and where it will go. You also prescribe the content that is put on it and how you will use your cards. Furthermore, the size of modern business cards is small enough for recipients to keep in a purse or wallet. Many people even have special binders or containers where they store business cards they’ve received for future reference.

They Never Stop Working

Unlike television or radio ads that last about 30 seconds or online banner ads that last even shorter, business cards stay with the customer. Every time your recipient looks at your card, they are reminded of you and your company, increasing their chances of using your services.

They Work

A lot of people think that business cards are outdated, but that is so far from the truth. As simple as they seem, business cards still work. There are so many people out there who are stilling using them because they can still bring in customers. Just like other advertising tools, however, it is vital that you plan appropriately. If you are planning to use business cards to reach out to people, then make sure that you include the right information on your cards and also make sure that you get them into the right hands.

Business cards are only one aspect of your business’ branding; however, they play a very key role when it comes to creating a good first impression. When designing your card, or having one designed for you, ensure that it fits your business’s personality and that it portrays it well. It is advisable that you also come up with a comprehensive branding strategy if you want to enjoy success.

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