Are business cards still valuable in this digital era?

Despite what is happening in this digital era, business cards are still important simply because you still need to promote your business online as well as offline.

For years, business cards were the first investment businesses and professionals made towards the marketing their services.

However, with the changing times, where most marketing efforts are now conducted via the internet, many are wondering whether these previously essential tools for success are still necessary in this digital age.

With this in mind, let’s take a look now at why business cards are still very relevant, even with the technological advancements being experienced today.

Here’s an outline of why business cards are still relevant in this digital era.

  • Professional Look
  • Quickly Share Information
  • More Personal
  • Easy To Share Around
  • Affordable

Professional Look

Business cards have been successfully used, for years, to promote businesses and professionals.

You will no longer be forced to reach for a piece of paper and scribble down your contact details whenever you want to share your details.

A professional looking business card can help complement your digital marketing efforts.

However, to get the most out of the use of these cards, you need to have professional looking cards.

For starters, you need to take the time to ensure that only the most relevant information is included on the card.

You should then get high-quality cards printed by a professional for the best look. The card should be easy to read with all the details being nice and clear.

Quickly Share Information

A business card gives you the ability to share important contact information conveniently and quickly whenever the need to do so arises.

Whether you are looking to get people to contact your business through the phone or by visiting your website, a business card makes the sharing of these details much easier.

With a business card in hand, you do not need to hope that the people you meet remember your phone number or website address as they will have it on hand whenever they need it.

More Personal

To give out a business card, you need to come into physical contact with the recipient. This encounter makes business cards more personal.

Internet communications, whether it’s via social media or email, do not have the same personal nature.

In most cases, when handing out cards you get to engage with the recipient in person.

This gives you an added opportunity when it comes to further selling your business and/or services.

This is all thanks to the fact that business cards are physical in nature.  


Business cards are generally small, and as a result easy to carry.

Carrying them around with you wherever you go, in your wallet, briefcase, purse or your car’s glove box is easy.

This means that they are always within reach whenever the opportunity to give them out arises.

These cards can also be placed on counters or pinned on to community boards or even left on restaurant tables next to your tip if possible.


High-quality business cards are surprisingly inexpensive.

This means that you can get as many cards printed as you need without spending a huge budget.

As such, it is recommended that you take advantage of the marketing opportunity they offer.  

The social media, and the internet as a whole, has completely changed how businesses now promote themselves.

However, as you can see from the above this has not in any way detracted from the value of business cards.

A well-designed business card not only displays essential business information but also makes it look more professional.

The fact that they are inexpensive to print, and convenient to carry and pass around makes business cards even more appealing.

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