The Benefits Of Digital Printing

Digital printing, despite being a relatively new process in the entire history of printing, took the industry by storm in the late 90s. Since then, this idea has only gone from strength to strength. While there are numerous reasons why the growth of this concept has been incredibly fast, the truth is that digital printing has levelled the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. From low cost to speed of production, digital printing has made it possible for clients to reap more in a shorter period of time. Through the use of digital printing, companies can cut down on bills and still enjoy high-quality prints. So now the question comes, why has digital printing become popular in recent years?

Here are some of the benefits that have attributed to this tremendous growth.

1. Cheaper Printing

Some years back, offset printing undoubtedly ruled the world, and it was only available to large corporations. This is due to the fact that offset printing requires plates to be made which comes at a cost. Once you throw in all the associated setup fees, especially for small print runs, the costs for a small business were huge. With an increase in the number of printed pieces, offset printing has become cheaper. However, if you are just a small business with a small marketing base, you will find yourself forced between selecting high-quality offset printing at a hefty price tag or low-quality printing at a reduced cost.

Print on demand

Digital printing, however, has transformed all of this. No setup fees are required for this kind of printing which means that if you only want to print a small amount of marketing materials, you can do so without incurring a substantial initial cost. And as your quantity increases, you are able to save more money. And the more items you print, the closer you can get to a threshold where offset printing can be regarded as cheaper.

2. High Quality

For several decades, offset printing has been the king of quality, but the inception of digital printing technology has relegated offset printing to second place. In fact, if you were to print two similar postcards using these two printing processes, it would require a trained eye to determine which one was printed with an offset press and the one which used a digital press. With such a marginal disparity between the two, there is no reason not to choose digital printing as the most economical way of getting your marketing message in front of your prospective buyers. It is always important to remember the importance of value in any marketing decision. You would not pay the highest dollar for the most sophisticated marketing materials or pay next to nothing for materials that are below the expected quality standards.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Another reason why digital printing has caught the attention of many businesses is that it is a more environmentally friendly option compared to conventional printing. With digital printing, there are usually no pre-press stages between your digital document file and your final print. This implies that there is no need to use photographic chemicals or film plates and the entire process is considered much greener. If your business is looking to boost its green credentials, digital printing is the easiest method to achieve all that.

4. Short Runs

Digital printing has been found to produce short to medium runs more effectively when compared to other conventional printing methods. Digital data is easy to store, and hence changes can be easily made prior to beginning the printing process or in the subsequent batch. This means there is no need to stock up or dump your out of date stock when using digital printing because it permits for effective print management.

5. More Printing Options

During its early days, digital printing was not fancied by many businesses because of the quality of prints it produced. However, those days are gone, and digital printing now provides graphic designers, small business owners, marketers, and managers more options than they have ever had before. A renowned digital printing company will provide the same or similar choices of advanced printing techniques, like die cuts and foil stamps and paper stocks, aqueous and UV finishes, and binding options like saddle stitch just as they would do with an offset printing customer. With the constellation of possibilities available and the quality of output from the modern-day digital printing, there is absolutely no reason why you should compromise quality for cost.

All in all, digital printing is quicker, cuts down on costs, and offers better quality thus making it an excellent way to complete a project. If you have any digital printing needs, you should get in touch with a company that possesses a proven record of printing quality and believes in stellar customer service. Impact digital offers excellent digital printing solutions in addition to providing flexible solutions for all your bespoke projects and other printing needs you might have.



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