Australia Day: Digital Print Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Australia Day Digital Print Marketing Ideas Boost Sales

One way to bring to life the spirit of Australia Day is through print marketing. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, digital print is tangible, giving it the upper hand over more temporary and flippant digital marketing forms. 

Today, modern print designs incorporate more advanced printing technology to generate high-quality prints. Using new and improved designs and materials, digital prints definitely serve as an effective marketing asset. 

If you want to learn more about some digital print marketing ideas to help boost your sales on Australia Day, continue reading down below.

1). Brochures

Brochures are the most classic form of digital print; however, they still prove to be effective today because of their sticking power. However, because brochures are classic digital prints, it is important that you make your brochure stand out. 

One way to make your brochure stand out is through design. Nowadays, trending brochure designs are sleek and modern, with attention-grabbing formats, illustrations, and the newest typography. Design, like in all print media, is key to effective digital print marketing.

2). Catalogues

Traditional-style catalogues often appeared phonebook-like, making use of cheap materials, thin pages, and poorly executed graphic design. Meanwhile, modern catalogues are much smaller and aesthetically pleasing, specifically targeted towards buyers or prospects. For catalogues, make sure to focus on quality and not quantity. Maximising colours and materials to make catalogues feel more like a high-quality production will also help promote effective digital print marketing. 

Australia Day Digital Print Marketing Ideas Boost Sales3). Business Cards

Business cards are valuable, and will most likely remain this way well into the future. These versatile forms of digital print can be used for individuals, departments, and brands, making it an all-around print media form. 

Business cards are instrumental in person-to-person networking. They serve as one of the first pieces of content that you will exchange with individuals you meet at trade shows, meetings, lectures, and other forms of business interactions. 

Modern business cards lean towards smooth and minimalistic graphic styles that are typically reflected in print nowadays. However, colour is also an important aspect to capitalise on business cards. Colours help evoke emotions or moods that can help add more personality to your business or brand.

This is something worth considering, so make sure you have a good stock of business cards for Australia Day related activities. 

4). Flags, Signs, And Banners

Of course, one cannot forget flags, signs, and banners on Australia Day. Signage is perhaps one of the oldest forms of print; however, nowadays it is used to illustrate your brand using a high-quality logo. When developing flags, signs, or banners, make sure to go for sleek, edgy, or modern styles. 

5). Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are easy to read and create because they are just one sheet that is thick and two-sided. They are popular because they stand out from the pile and require no pages to be turned, making it easy for customers to absorb information in just a couple of glances. More importantly, they are ideal for promotions that can be targeted to seasons or trends, making them the perfect print media for Australia Day. 

When making mailers, make sure to utilise bold text, quality imagery, attractive colours, and other design elements to help make it stand out. You can also consider including coupon codes or punch-out gift cards together with your mailers.

Final Thoughts

Print marketing has been around for ages; however, today it continues to serve as an effective marketing tool. There are various forms of digital print that you can choose from, ranging from brochures to business cards or mailers. 

Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the print media you choose will depend on how well you design it. Nowadays, graphic design plays an important role in effective business communication, so it is important to design print media in a way that is both enticing and attractive to your target market.

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