Applications of Digital Printing

Digital Printing has been around for quite some time now. It typically involves printing images from digital sources directly to a wide range of media.

Today, digital printing has vast applications ranging from desktop publishing to commercial and large-format printing.

Commercial and large-format printing is by far the most common application of digital printing in today’s world.

This specific form of printing is done using high-volume inkjet or laser printers.

Digital printing is different from traditional offset printing in that it enables modification of an image (variable data), shorter turnaround time, and on-demand printing.

The ever-expanding capabilities of digital printing presses mean there are unlimited applications for this technology.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common applications of digital printing.

1. Desktop Publishing

If you have ever printed a document from your home or office computer, then you have engaged in one form of digital printing called desktop publishing.

Desktop publishing is basically the day-to-day printing that takes place in most homes and offices that does not involve printing plates or stencils.

2. Corporate/Business Printing

Digital printing is also used in the corporate or business world.

It is mostly used in the making of letterheads, business cards, business stationery, storefront signs and many other applications.

Digital printing is also commonly used in commercial and industrial marketing campaigns through mass-printed publications such as flyers.

3. Variable Data Printing

VDP or Variable Data Printing is a form of digital printing that enables mass personalisation of printed materials.

Elements such as images, graphics and text can be changed from one document to the next, without slowing down or stopping the printing process.

The information or files to be printed are accessed from a database or external file.

The best example of variable data printing is where a series of personalised letters, each with a similar layout, can be printed with different addresses and names on each letter.

VDP is often used in invoicing printing, advertising, customer relationship management, direct marketing, and applying addresses on postcards, brochures and mail campaigns.

4. Print on Demand

Print-on-Demand involves printing personalised materials such as wedding invitations, photo albums, children books and other publications that require a high level of customisation.

The publications are designed using specialised software to make them unique and original.

5. Advertising

Digital printing has taken over the advertising sector over the past decade.

This mode of printing is mostly used in making event signage and banner ads that are used in a variety of outdoor marketing campaigns.

Digital prints are also used at points of purchase or sale in the retail sector as well as in trade shows and exhibitions.

6. Photo Printing

We cannot talk about the applications of digital printing without mentioning the all-important photo printing.

Digital printing has completely changed how photos have been printed over the years.

Today, photographs can be edited, colour corrected and retouched before printing for best results.

Photo printing is one of the most immersive applications of digital printing.

7. Architectural Design

Architects have also found digital printing useful in their work.

New technologies have enabled exterior and interior surfaces in homes and offices to be altered using digitally printed graphics and murals.

You can essentially print an image of your choice on your living room wall instead of painting it.

8. Sleeking

Sleeking is the process of adding dull or glossy finishes, holographic effects or foil by special digital printing technology.

This is made possible by printing a black image on a space where you want sleeking to occur.

The sleeking machine identifies the space and only works on this specific area to achieve the desired effect.

The applications above are just some of the many uses of digital printing.

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