What Are The Alternatives To Business Cards?

Alternatives to Business Cards

Are you looking for something a bit different to help promote your business brand aside from business cards? Let’s take a look at some alternatives that you will have a lot of fun with.

Business cards play a huge role in networking. It allows people to have your details with them at any time and to contact you whenever there is an opportunity. 

However, as popular and beneficial as they might be, most people think they are cliché. Well, here are 10 alternatives to business cards that you can use effectively that you may not know about: 

1. Conductive Ink 

This is a special ink that can conduct electricity. If the card is placed on a smart device such as a tablet or phone, the conductive ink will transmit the contact information to the smartphone immediately. 

This can be done easily enough and save you the frustration of losing business cards. 

2. Balloons 

It might not be the best idea especially when the balloons are deflated but it’s certainly a creative idea. Of course, the user has to blow up the balloon when they want to access your contact information. 

It might not be a good alternative to using business cards but depending on when and how you will use the balloons, it’s an alternative all the same. 

3. Beer Mats 

You can go the extra mile and use beer mats as business cards. However, there is a huge risk of people using it as a coaster. 

If there’s a water ring on the contact information, it will appear unprofessional depending on the exact situation. You need to decide whether or not it’s convenient. Personalise your beer mat for the best results. 

4. Tools 

Here, you will use these tools to make a long-lasting impression. Basically, you can transform a simple tool into a business card and it will be useful. 

Here, the information will be easy to access and someone can read it whenever they use the tool. Try metal printing for the best results, if you are looking for a clever and useful business card. 

5. Bottle Openers 

Bottle openers are frequently used in many areas. Therefore, it’s a great idea to pass your information around. 

Make sure the information is printed clearly and everyone that is opening a bottle will have your business or personal contact information right in front of them. 

6. Spice Sachet 

It’s a cute idea to have your contact information but there’s the disadvantage of the sachet being disposed of immediately after use. 

Who knows people might choose to keep them as mementoes and will always have your information when they need it. 

7. Coasters 

These are actually very useful and are quite durable compared to beer mats. You can create coasters made out of wooden because they are less expendable and are actually quite attractive. 

You can print out as much information as you can on the coasters because they last a long time without any damage and are larger than business cards. 

8. Coins 

Compared to paper, business cards made out of coins will last a long time. Of course, there is always the risk that people will confuse them for real money but they are a gem if you print them properly. 

It’s actually a good idea for business cards because coins are very easy to customise. 

9. Apparel Such As T-shirts 

You can’t go wrong with printing your personal or contact information on any form of apparel. Whether they are t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, people will love them because they are clothes. Who doesn’t want an extra hoodie?

Even better, it’s free advertising because when people wear printed apparel, they will be advertising your business effortlessly. 

10. Wearable Rubber Arm Bands 

People love wearing rubber armbands especially if they have cool designs and colours. They are perfect alternatives to business cards that will last a long time. 

Make sure you choose the right printing options to make sure the ink doesn’t wear out after a while. Take advantage of any parties or club scenes to hand these out because everyone will go crazy for them. 

Try out these fun alternative to business cards and get free promotion out of it!

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