The Advantages of UV Printer Digital Technology

Advantages Of Using UV Printer

Are you looking to get something printed but aren’t sure what the best method is? Printing has changed significantly in the digital era, so let’s take a look below at the best and latest methods.

Traditional printing methods have not changed all that much throughout history. While the method of getting the ink onto the paper might differ, the general idea remains the same.

The ink is applied to the paper and then air-dries. This can lead to bleeding and smudging when working with some types of paper, detracting from the quality of the print.

Contrary to what you might expect, UV printing does not mean using ink that ‘glows in the dark’. Rather, it is an improved printing process which uses inks that are dried under a UV light.

This will usually produce better results than letting traditional inks air-dry. There are other benefits to UV printer digital technology too:

  • The ink dries faster
  • The ink is better for the environment
  • You need less ink to cover the same area

How Does This Work?

In UV printing, the ink dries more quickly because it dries when exposed to LED lights. This means that you can print more pages/labels/stickers, etc, more quickly.

Even when printing onto a roll you won’t have to worry about printed items smudging when they rub against each other.

Because there’s no need for a solvent to allow the ink to air-dry, this means that the ink is better for the environment.

In addition, it is more opaque, which means that the coverage is better and that a small amount of ink will go a long way.

UV inks can work well on Lux, Gloss and even uncoated paper, so you can use them for a huge range of materials.

Use a digital printer and you can get precise prints with a lot of detail and varied colours, with no bleeding and a great look.

The relative thickness of the ink means that you need just one coating to have a good finish, instead of multiple coatings (and the risk of one coat being out of alignment, leaving an ugly, unpolished finish).

A Great Finish and a Low Price

UV printing saves you time, stress and money. It offers a great finish, and you can print on almost any material.

If you are looking for something that is a little greener than the average label printing method, and that will still produce a polished and professional appearance, take a look at UV options.

Because you can print vibrant patterns on so many different materials, and the ink dries with a good, smudge-free finish, and is a great way to make your products stand out.

With digital printing, you get the detail that you need, and you can choose complex, stunning designs and be confident that they will translate onto the package or label effectively.

Embossed Prints that Look Stunning

One little-known attribute of UV digital printing technology is that you can apply layer upon layer of ink to create an embossed appearance.

This is a particularly good choice for luxury goods and is more cost-effective than many other techniques for making embossed-look patterns.

The inks have a pleasant sheen to them which can make the package, poster, flyer or label they are applied to look amazing.

If you’ve been relying on screen printing or other traditional printing methods to get high fidelity prints, then you will be amazed at the quality of UV digital printing, especially when you see how fast it is too.

This modern printing method offers the best of both worlds. You’re freed from the smudging of an inkjet, you have less set-up time than screen printing (so you can do small runs with ease), and you get clear prints every time.

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