The 5 Advantages of Digital Printing For Custom Labels

The 5 Advantages of Digital Printing For Custom LabelsDigital printing is one of the leading technologies that is used in the making of high-quality custom labels for businesses and projects in the corporate and industrial world. 

Unlike other modes of printing like offset and flexographic printing that rely on specially designed plates to transfer ink onto surfaces, digital printing relies on precise dots of ink to produce an image from a digital source. Read more about the pros and cons of digital and offset printing here.

Printing custom labels digitally is very similar to printing documents from your personal computer. 

If you’re not familiar with the process of making custom labels or are considering switching from traditional custom labels to digital custom labels, we’ve compiled a list of advantages that come with using digital printing for custom labels. 

1. Design Flexibility

The main goal of creating custom labels for many businesses is to stand out from their competition. 

Custom labels help businesses and their promotional campaigns to attract and engage audiences in a more effective and personalised way. 

Digital printing provides a high level of design flexibility which enables businesses to alter even the most minute details of their custom labels. 

You can edit and format pretty much all design elements of your labels without much time and effort. 

Other modes of printing like offset and flexographic printing require you to create new plates every time you want to alter your label designs in any way. 

This can be quite time-consuming and tedious. With digital printing, there are no extra costs related to buying plates or setting up printing presses.

2. Short-Run Labels Capability

With digital printing, businesses can print as many or as little custom labels as they want to without having to worry about any cost implications. 

Traditional offset labels are known to be cheaper than digital labels, but only when produced in large quantities. 

Businesses that do not want to print large quantities of labels at any given time are disadvantaged as they do not get to enjoy these lower costs of printing. 

However, with digital printing, the cost-benefit ratio is the same for both small and large orders of custom labels. 

You don’t have to order a large number of labels just to enjoy a discount on printing.

3. Affordability

As printing technology, digital printing is very affordable. 

This is because businesses do not have to invest a lot of money in buying huge printing presses and multiple plates for short-run custom labels.

4. High Quality

Digital labels are unmatched in terms of quality of colours, graphics and overall design. 

If you are looking to create top quality custom labels for your project or business, digital labels are the best option for you. 

These labels capture the most attention and they can be customised using crisp, life-like and clear images to make them even more alluring and captivating. 

In most cases, traditional labels are unable to meet this level of quality.

5. Quick Turnaround

Last but not least, digital custom label printing is fast. 

Digital printing does not make use of printing plates and this means that you do not have to spend any time switching plates when dealing with multiple colours. 

Lack of plates also translates to shorter set up times which means quick turnaround. 

Hundreds or even thousands of custom labels can be printed within hours without much effort. 

Digital printing for custom labels definitely has a lot more advantages especially if you are looking to print many custom labels with each individual label having different information. 

This particular feature/advantage is known as Variable Data Printing (VDP). 

With VDP, you can add names, addresses, barcodes, numbers, and other specific details from multiple databases or files to your labels. 

There are endless possibilities for customising your labels with digital printing.

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