8 Digital Print Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales On Valentines Day

8 Digital Print Marketing Boost Sales Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are many creative ways that you can employ when it comes to boosting sales. One way to achieve this is to maximise digital print marketing as a means for people to get to know more about your business in the season of love.

So what are some digital print marketing ideas that you can consider in order to boost your sales on Valentine’s Day? If you would like to learn more about this, feel free to continue exploring our article below. 

1). Sending Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is not Valentine’s Day without greeting cards. As such, one way to use digital print to market your business and boost sales is by releasing Valentine’s Day-themed greeting cards!

The advantage of releasing greeting cards is that it helps build a more personal relationship with your consumers. In fact, according to econsultancy, around 44% of consumers are more likely to become a repeat customer after a personal experience. Therefore, digital print greeting cards are a great marketing idea this Valentine’s Day.

2). Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

On top of sending out greeting cards, consider sending out custom Valentine’s Day cards to help build a more personal relationship with your customers. You can add your logo, choose your colours, and customise the text to give a more heartfelt Valentine’s Day card to your customers. You can also add gifts or incentives as a Valentine’s Day bonus. 

8 Digital Print Marketing Boost Sales Valentines Day

3). Instore Advertising Through Flyer Handouts

Instore advertising through flyer handouts lets everyone know more about your business and the deals you may have for the upcoming Valentine’s season. This helps hype up promotions and allows your brand to be more recognisable.

4). Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Booklet

Releasing a Valentine’s Day gift guide booklet can help establish trust between you and your client, especially if you have meaningful gift ideas that follow a wide range of themes from romantic, to platonic, to family.

In the booklet, you can include other Valentine’s Day-related content such as date night ideas, hosting Valentine’s Day parties, and more. It is recommended to make this Valentine’s Day gift guide booklet as comprehensive as possible, mentioning your products and services along the way. 

5). Postcard-To-Website Promotion

If your business is online, you can choose to use target print marketing to help direct traffic towards your website for Valentine’s Day. A cost-effective strategy is to print direct-mail postcards that feature coupon codes for your online business. You can send these to a mailing list of people who are a part of your best customer demographics.

6). Donate To Charity

Donate to charity by letting your customers share their love for others. Donate a portion of every sale you make to a charity that speaks to your company’s heart. Printing banners and flyers to promote your charity drive is one way to maximise digital print marketing for this. 

You can also advertise this opportunity on the postcard promotions that offer coupon codes. There are ways by which you can combine the digital print marketing ideas present in this article.

8 Digital Print Marketing Boost Sales Valentines Day

7). Hold An Event

Why not consider hosting a Valentine’s Day event? You can print out compelling invitations to help attract attendees. This even can be fashioned as a Valentine’s Day performance, entertainment, festival, fundraiser, and more to help bring more awareness and exposure to your brand and company. 

8). Host A Valentine’s Day Contest

Valentine’s Day contests are a creative way to rope in some new customers into your store and generate a lot more sales. This content can be featured on a print newsletter. Ideas for the contest can range from the best couple to the most hilarious Valentine’s Day fails.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love – so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t extend a little love to your customers too! Whether it be by offering exclusive deals or coupon codes, there are many ways by which digital print marketing can help boost sales, especially during Valentine’s Day.

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